Is SODO Transportation Bugging You?

If so, speak up at a community forum, Tuesday, April 16, 3:30-5 p.m. in the School Board auditorium at the Stanford Center of the Seattle Public Schools,  2445 3rd Avenue South. Or, you can fill out the survey.

The input will be incorporated into a report about SODO community transportation priorities that will be submitted for consideration in connection with the $40 million SODO Transportation Fund.

The fund was identified as an element of the new public-private financing plan for a third SODO sports arena. If the arena is built, the money would help pay for transportation improvements to support freight mobility.

Even arena champions concede $40 million is not enough money to fix all of SODO’s  transportation defects. But the money could also be used to help attract additional funding and the arena proposal creates an opportunity to engage decision makers in a discussion about the wider range of SODO transportation needs involving parking, public transit, pedestrian safety and traffic congestion.

The report is being prepared by the Duwamish Transportation Management Association. The TMA is also conducting the outreach effort.

For more information, contact Tory Gering at the Duwamish Transportation Management Association, 206-762-2470, or send her an email at gro.yrtsudnielttaesnull@yrot.