New Du Commute

I had a rude awakening on Wednesday morning when I discovered my bus route no longer came to the bus stop outside my workplace at South Seattle Community College Georgetown Campus. Instead, the nearest stop was .4 mi away in a neighborhood with almost no sidewalks and fast semis.  Below are bus changes that might take Duwamish commuters by surprise.

Route 21 is offering service every 15 minutes between Westwood Village and downtown.

The new route 50 is replacing route 39.  Route 50 will run from the Othello Link Station to Alki, offering east-west access while avoiding downtown.

Route 60 is extended to Westwood Village.

Two of the biggest changes for Duwamish passengers are likely the revised route 124, and routes 131 and 132 running together along 4th Ave S.

Route 124 is revised to run along Airport Way rather than 4th Ave S.  However, the Airport Way S Bridge is not yet complete, so the route 124 will run on 4th Ave S in Georgetown until S Industrial Way.  The 124 will continue along Airport Way S between S Spokane Street and downtown.  Note: Route 124 turns into route 24 that runs to Magnolia.

Routes 131 and 132 have been moved 4th Ave S.  They will operate together to serve SODO and Georgetown every 10-20 minutes.  Attention north Seattle residents:  route 131 turns into route 26. Route 132 turns into 28.

Discontinued routes in SODO and Georgetown: 23 (alternative route 131), 35, 39 (alternative route 50), 56, 85 (Rapid C line), 134 (alternative routes 124, 131, 132).

If you have any questions or complaints regarding new Du bus service, email the Duwamish TMA at gro.yrtsudnielttaesnull@amthsimawud or call 206.762.2470.